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A school culture rooted in self, healing, and community.

The Restored and Connected framework creates an integrated approach between cultural competency, trauma-informed care, and restorative-resiliency practices. We have team members across the nation available to partner with your school or system. We will listen to your unique needs and co-construct a personalized learning pathway for your learning community.

Our Restored and Connected offerings include:

  • Community-Based Planning: Building the Foundation for Connection

  • Grounded in Connection: Leveraging Relational Capacity

  • Grounded in Cultural Responsiveness

  • Strengthening Relational Capacity through Social-Emotional Learning

  • Trauma-Informed Teaching and Leading

  • Building a Resilient-Focused Culture

  • The Mindset and Heartset of Restorative Practices: A Healing Centered Approach to Connection

  • Restorative Leadership Coaching

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