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Me. We. Community.

Embrace healing for self, others, and community.

The negative impacts of the pandemic are being felt in every community across our nation. Everyone has made extraordinary commitments and dedicated talents and energy to address their community’s needs.

Families, caregivers, teachers, and school leaders have been supporting and guiding learners while responding to their own profound challenges.

Our school communities

need to heal.

A strong, connected school community provides a sense of safety and belonging for students, families, and school staff during times of stability, as well as through times of crisis. Never in the history of education has that been more evident. The Core Collaborative’s restorative framework is the only systemic approach to creating and sustaining a school culture rooted in self, healing, and connection. 


Through restorative practices, instructional leadership coaching, or a little of both, The Core Collaborative Learning Network can help your school community heal.

We are here
for you.

Contact us to connect!

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